Together In Electric Dreams (Catalogue) by Stuart Pearson Wright

Together In Electric Dreams (Catalogue)
ISBN: 978-0-9552427-1-7
£10 Plus £1.99 UK P&P*

I Remember You (Catalogue) by Stuart Pearson Wright

I Remember You (Catalogue)
ISBN: 978-0-9563571-3-7
£10 Plus £1.99 UK P&P*

Love and Death (Catalogue) by Stuart Pearson Wright

Love and Death (Catalogue)
ISBN: 978-0-9574023-4-8
£10 Plus £1.99 UK P&P*

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Lonesome Stu and the Gearshifters sing Good Ol' Country.
£20 Plus £3.99 UK P&P*

Produced and Recorded by Guy Connelly at The Saveloy Factory.

Mixed by Guy Connelly at London House.
Stuart Pearson Wright: Lead Vocals, Ukulele, Banjolelee, Percussion, Backing Vocals.
Guy Connelly: Slide Guitar, Electric Guitar.
Polly Wright: Vocals, Piano, Parlour Organ, Clarinet.
Jim Wright: Acoustic Guitar.
Susie Honeyman: Violin.
Chris Snelson: Trombone, Tuba.
Simon Little: Double Bass.
Matt Watson: Double Bass.
Backing Vocals: Scott Burrell, Kat Joyce, Guy Connelly, Jim Wright, David Hunter-Wade, Polly Wright, Stuart Pearson Wright.

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